Art for those who like it lowbrow.

follow the tiger

TURN BACK TIME. uh oh. This website is unable to be accessed by the antiquated systems of the detected user. Further attempts of user to connect through this portal have been recognized as wholly incompatible with our communications provider. 

We would apologize, but we can't figure out how to
muster any more of fucks needed

to power the systems communications of your days gone by.

So we decided to stop spinning the data of your outdated hardware. It has been retired.
Unfortunately the upgrades at your level are not available anymore, you must power down,  disassemble all the parts, throw them in the trash and reinvent your assembly instructions without assistence, and try your attempt again at another time in space.

If you wish to join, please contact us and we'll send a message shortly.
Our systems are astral and the password is what it was.

If you've choosen to activate your user, congratulations and welcome to the game.
 and know you are always welcome to party up in our plane.